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Every establishment that you visit has their own set of rules, and spas are no exception. Whether you’re a regular or a first-time visitor, observing spa etiquette is important. Spa etiquette refers to the appropriate behavior or manners that one should observe when visiting a spa. These are unwritten rules and customs that spa goers should keep in mind to help create a calming and relaxing atmosphere for everyone, including other guests and the staff. 

From arriving early for your appointment to practicing digital etiquette during your treatment, following these guidelines will help you make the best of your spa experience. So if you recently searched for “spa near me” and plan to get a massage soon, here are essential spa etiquette guidelines plus some tips and tricks to help you prepare.

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Do Arrive On Time or Early For Your Appointment

Many spas accept walk-ins, but they tend to get booked up pretty quickly. Make sure to call ahead to book your treatments to make sure that there will be an availability for you. Once you’ve made an appointment, it’s important that you arrive early or on time for your schedule, at least 10 to 15 minutes early.

This way, you’ll have ample time to complete any necessary paperwork (like a consent form or health questionnaire), relax and unwind, and prepare for your massage. More importantly, arriving late means you’ll finish late, and you would disrupt the scheduled appointments of other guests, particularly those who will have treatments after you.

Don’t Cancel Right Before Your Appointment

If you value your time, so do others. As much as possible, avoid last-minute cancellations of your spa treatments, as this will disrupt the spa’s daily schedule and they might have a hard time booking new clients for the slot. This, in turn, will affect the income of the spa professionals who rely on appointments for their livelihood.

So when booking for an appointment, make sure to ask about the spa’s cancellation policy and if unforeseen circumstances arise and you need to cancel your appointment, make sure to do so within the spa’s specified cancellation window.

Do Respect the Rules of the Spa

Every spa establishment has their own set of rules and regulations. These are put in place to ensure the safety and comfort of all guests, so make sure that you familiarize yourself with these guidelines before visiting a spa for the first time.

One way to do this is to check the spa’s website. You can also ask the reception about the establishment’s policies on attire, food and drinks, gadget usage, and other regulations when you call to make an appointment.

Don’t Bring Outside Food or Drinks

One way to practice good spa etiquette is refraining from bringing outside food or drinks, as it can disrupt the ambiance of the environment. Most spas have a strict policy against outside food, but it’s still ideal not to bring any even if the spa does not have a specific rule against it.

Spa establishments work hard to maintain a clean and hygienic environment, so adhering to this rule means you’re showing respect to the spa, to the staff, and to all other guests.

Do Practice Good Hygiene Before Your Appointment

One of the most common questions that first time spa goers ask is “Do I need to shower before my massage appointment?”. The short answer is yes, showering before your spa treatment is ideal for both your personal hygiene and for showing consideration for your therapist, who will be touching and working on your body. Showering beforehand also remove dirt, oils, and sweat from your body that can make spa facilities less sanitary.

Additionally, it helps open up your pores which is ideal if you’re getting treatments such as facials, body wraps, or massages. your skin will absorb the oils better. Your skin will absorb the oils better and enhance the effectiveness of the treatments.

Don’t Hesitate To Communicate Any Preferences or Concerns to Your Therapist

Some spas will have you answer a form before your session so that they know your preferences during your treatment, but form or not, it’s essential that you inform the reception or your therapist about specific conditions or health problems that you have so that they can make the necessary adjustments, or offer advice for your treatment.

If you don’t have any conditions, it’s still important that you communicate your preferences and concerns clearly to your therapist because their priority is to make you as comfortable as possible. Make it known if the massage pressure is too firm or too soft or if you want to adjust the room temperature – don’t be shy to voice out your concerns!

Do Practice Digital Etiquette

Many spas don’t have an established policy against cell phone or gadget usage during a treatment, but they highly encourage that you refrain from using your phone so that you can enjoy your treatment and immerse in a full spa experience without distractions.

It is indeed an unwritten rule to not use your phone during a massage so be sure to turn it off (or put it on silent) and place it on your designated locker before your session. Besides, the point of visiting a spa is so that you can relax and disconnect from the outside world, and using your gadget during a treatment defeats the purpose.

Don’t Disrupt the Quiet and Peaceful Atmosphere

Another important spa etiquette guideline is to respect the establishment’s quiet and peaceful atmosphere. Avoid talking loudly and be mindful of your actions to prevent disrupting the other guests who came to the spa to have a quiet and relaxing experience. 

Do Tip Your Therapist for Exceptional Service

Tipping is not required by most spas, but definitely tip your therapist – it’s a great way to show your appreciation especially if you enjoyed the service. A good range for a tip would be between 15 to 20% of the service price, but you can also ask the reception about how much tip their therapists typically receive from clients.

Don’t Forget to Provide Constructive Feedback for Improvement

If you see anything that needs improvement following your treatment, don’t hesitate to let the spa staff know. Whether it’s positive or negative, sharing your thoughts in a respectful way will be appreciated by the staff and help them continuously improve their services for all guests. 

Be sure to focus on actionable suggestions rather than criticism. Thoughtful feedback benefits both the spa and clientele, and you can enjoy better services the next time you’re back.

Spa Etiquette

A spa visit is the perfect opportunity to relax and unwind, but it’s important to observe proper spa etiquette to ensure a peaceful and enjoyable time for yourself and other guests. Following the unwritten rules of a spa helps create a clean, hygienic, and serene environment that contributes to your ultimate spa experience.