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The summer season is all about fun, adventure, and being carefree. It’s the time when we spend hours under the sun by the pool, at the beach, or outdoors in nature. However, since our mind and body are on “vacation mode”, we tend to deviate from our usual routine – cold beer, hot dogs, and ice cream often replace balanced meals and barbecues, weekend road trips, and late night parties disrupt our usual sleep schedule.

On top of that, we are exposed to the sun more than ever because of all the summertime activities. This is why a summer self-care routine is a must – it’s important to adjust our usual healthy routine to match the high energy of summer. In this blog post, let’s explore effective summer self-care tips to make sure that you’re at your best physically, mentally, and emotionally to make the most out of the season.

Summer Self-Care Tips For A Better You

It’s important to learn to adapt your self-care routine according to season. For example, you might focus on moisturizing your skin more frequently and incorporating warm, comforting foods in winter, while you might prioritize staying hydrated, wearing sunscreen, and enjoying outdoor activities during summer season. Adjusting your self-care practices with the changing seasons helps you stay balanced and healthy throughout the year.

And since it’s summer, use the self-care tips below to help you protect your health and well-being as you get some fun in the sun!

Start A Summer Daily Routine

The summer season brings longer hours of sunlight which can get in the way of your usual sleep and waking patterns. If you’re an early bird, perhaps you can wake up extra early to squeeze in a healthy habit (jogging, yoga, trying a new sport) then take a siesta in the middle of the day. If you like sleeping in, make sure to wear an eye mask and keep your room dark with blackout curtains so that the early sunlight won’t get in the way of quality sleep. 

Also take advantage of the extra sunlight in the late afternoon by bringing your post-work routine outdoors, whether it’s taking a walk at the park instead of on your indoor treadmill or taking your dinner out onto the balcony.

Spend Time Outside

Needless to say, summer is the perfect season to spend time outdoors whether it’s at your local park, at a campsite, in the mountains, or at a beach. Clinical psychologist Dr. Susan Evans says that spending time outdoors encourages physical activity, helps boost mood, contributes to good quality sleep, and helps you form social connections.

On top of that, you are getting plenty of Vitamin D, which is critical for the health of our bones, muscles, blood cells, and immune system.

Protect Your Skin

While spending time outdoors gets you some much-needed Vitamin D, it still doesn’t erase the fact that your skin is also exposed to the harmful UV rays of the sun. Sunscreen is most important during the summer – make sure you apply a good amount especially if you will be exposed to the sun for a prolonged period.

Wearing sunscreen helps protect your skin from damage, premature aging, and sunburns. Lather up on sunscreen, preferably one that has 30 SPF or higher, half an hour before going outside. If you’re going somewhere or doing an activity where you’ll be directly under the sun, consider using a sunscreen with an SPF of 60 or higher.

Stay Hydrated

This is a given, but I wanted to reiterate the importance of staying hydrated when the weather is warm, when you are at higher risk of dehydration. Dehydration can cause headaches, fatigue, dizziness, and other unpleasant symptoms. Make sure that you always have a bottle of water with you when you’re outside.

It’s also the perfect time to introduce more fruits and vegetables with high water content to your diet. Eat more cucumbers, celery, watermelon, and oranges as they will give you that extra boost of hydration essential during summertime. Don’t forget to show your skin some love, too – apply a good moisturizer every night to help lock in moisture and prevent water loss.

Eat What’s In Season

Did you know that healthy eating is so much easier when the weather is warm? That’s because we naturally crave lighter, fresher foods like salads, fresh fruits, and grilled vegetables. Take advantage of the bounty of in-season fresh produce to start healthy eating habits. Stock up on summer berries to make healthy, refreshing smoothies or create vibrant salads packed with nutrients.


Deep Clean Your Home

It’s important to watch out for your mental health in the summer too. One of the best ways to boost your mood and clear your mind is through deep cleaning your home. I know it doesn’t sound inviting, but you might change your mind when every area of your home is clean, clutter-free, organized.

Cleaning and decluttering helps reduce anxiety and stress, enhance focus, boost creativity, and improve sleep quality. You don’t have to clean your entire home in one day. Take it at your own pace throughout the season so that you’ll have a sparkly clean home ready for the next.

Go On Vacation

Summer is indeed the season for a much-awaited, well-deserved vacation. A trip to the beach or to the mountains can do so much for your mental health, especially if you’re experiencing burnout from work, school, or your daily responsibilities. Even a visit to a spa to get a good massage can go a long way – as long as you take time for yourself and do the things that will help you relax and unwind.

Don’t forget to take tech breaks or do a digital detox when you’re on vacation so you can fully enjoy your time away.

Connect With Friends

Social connection is important to your well-being no matter what season. This summer, connect with people that bring joy to your life more. Whether it’s catching up with an old friend or spending a day with your kids at a theme park, surrounding yourself with the people you love have positive effects on your well-being – and summer is the perfect time to make those core memories!


A few lifestyle changes can get you geared up and ready for the fast-paced summer season, making sure that you are physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy to fully enjoy what summertime has in store for you. Follow the summer self-care tips above for a fun a season you won’t forget!